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Shearing steel fiberShearing steel fiber

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Shearing steel fiber


Product introduction

Shear steel fiber made of cold-rolled strip by shear, cut from the production process. The product has high tensile strength, easy dispersion, good adhesion characteristics and concrete etc.. Steel fiber is a kind of excellent performance, widely used in building materials, the prepared concrete has been widely used in highway, airport, bridges, tunnels, culverts, culverts, ports, marine engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, municipal engineering, water, swimming pool, sewage treatment plants, embankment slope protection, mine explosion-proof facilities, dissolute well, the pile pile tip, rail, sleeper, parking lot, grain depot, metallurgical refractory, military engineering, various industrial and civil architecture framework of seismic joint and other seismic structure, rigid water-proof roofing, basement, workshop floor, concrete manhole, grate, cable trench cover and damaged the repair and strengthening of concrete structure the building project, etc..


Highway bridge, highway pavement, bridge deck pavement, box arch bridge, continuous box girder;

Dam: underground powerhouse, hydraulic tunnel lining, water erosion wear parts, a gate, a gate slot, aqueduct, the sea dam seepage panel;

Railway Engineering: Railway Prestressed double block type railway sleeper sleeper;

Port and ocean engineering: steel pipe pile corrosion protection layer, terminal facilities, submarine concrete facilities;

Tunnel and mine engineering: hydraulic tunnel lining, mine roadway, railway, highway tunnel lining;

Pipeline project: centrifugal tube, vibration and extrusion tube, pipe, steel fiber concrete pressure pipe;

Other construction: Housing construction, precast piles, frame joints, roof / underground waterproofing, heavy load engineering workshop / warehouse ground, wall book storage structure / bin, maintenance and reinforcement project, underground cable and pipeline manhole covers, water and sewer grate, mine, airport road.

Construction suggestion

1, steel fiber content can choose the road construction 30 a 80kg/m3, bridge construction 50 - 100kg/m3。

2, steel fiber concrete mixing process: according to the conventional construction, no special adjustment。

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