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End hooked steel fiberEnd hooked steel fiber

Glued steel fiberGlued steel fiber

Copper coated steel fiberCopper coated steel fiber

Milling steel fiberMilling steel fiber

Shearing steel fiberShearing steel fiber

Cellulose fiberCellulose fiber

Glued Steel Fiber for shotcrete

Product introduction

 Ensure fiber in concrete mixing not clot, dispersed evenly, can improve the ability of resistance to impact and fatigue resistance of concrete to improve the permeability resistance of concrete, because of its high tensile strength, good toughness, and low prices. compared with other shapes of steel fiber, its tensile, compressive and flexural strength has greatly increased, applies some key seismic physical structure engineering.

.Application field

1.       Highway Bridges  

2。 Hydraulic dam

3. Railway engineerin

4. Port and ocean project

5.Tunnel and mine project.

Construction suggestion

 steel fiber content can choose 30-80 kg/ m³after the road construction, bridge construction 50-100 kg/ m³ 。Steel fiber concrete mixing process: the construction of conventional construction, does not need to make special adjustment。

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